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Set in lush surroundings at the foothills of Mount Paggaio and away from the hectic pace of the cities, “Orpheus Land” is the ideal place to experience both serenity and relaxation, while on the other hand guests have the opportunity to visit the cities of Serres, Drama and Kavala, ideal for excursions, shopping and more vivid entertainment. Due to its location- it neighbors with the prefectures of Serres, Drama and Kavala- enables guests to visit the three districts.

Moreover, in the mountainous villages of Paggaio, supermarkets and traditional bakeries are available while local traditional dishes are offered by the local tavernas.


Traditional hospitable villages with scenic squares and alleys are located around the hotel.

Kormista: Kormista was marked as a martyr city, on the morning of the 1st of October 1941, almost 125 men were ordered by a Bulgarian detachment to assemble in the basement of the community building. 91 men were executed, between the ages of 16-70. Right above the ossuary in the yard stands a marble monument with names inscribed dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives, while the basement of the community building has been converted into a museum in the memory of people lost their lives. Once you visit the area, you shouldn’t skip a visit to the museum.

Proti: The homeland of Konstantinos Karamanlis (Ethnarch of Greece) is among the oldest and most scenic villages of Serres and according to a presidential decree it has been declared a “preserved town”. A large number of remarkable traditional buildings in the alleys with local architectural features, buildings of European neoclassical architecture capture visitor’s attention. Among them is Konstantinos Karamanlis’ parental house, a stylish and clean-cut property built in 1905, stands out and attracts lots of visitors. His statue also is located in the village square.

Nikisiani: The traditional village squares and the narrow alleys influenced by the local Macedonian architecture compose a journey back to the past. Areas suitable for picnic view to the amazing tophills.